The Weekly Troll, Volume 1, Issue 9/11!


It was hell getting Issue 9/11 out. Just horrible! When we were about to hit send, the door to the office was kicked down and immediately some large gentlemen in black came streaming in and put a hood over my head. They drove me around for a while and I ended up where I could only imagine was the Coca-Cola bottling plant where I was tortured for hours on end. I was put in a pitch dark room with shit all over the walls where I laid strapped down to and electrocuted. Followed by a water boarding session in which I think they used this god-awful substance called “Dr. Pepper.” I dunno, it tasted awful. Right before they were gonna break my knees and other extremities,  I finally had a breakdown and screamed: “FINE. I DID IT FOR TEH LOLZAH!” After that they dropped me off at the back of the Denny’s across teh university on Central where I scrambled to the nearest computer to send Issue 9/11 to the listserv.

Like always, our best work yet!

-Troll On!

Click here Issue9-11pg1Issue9-11pg2Issue9-11pg3Issue9-11pg4


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