The Weekly Troll, Volume 1, Issue X!


Sound the air siren, The Weekly Troll Issue X (that’s “ten” in Super Bowl speak) is out! This five page issue is gonna rock so hard that you won’t even know what has become of you afterwards. In this issue we will talk about the presumed President Schmidly, the Koch brothers, black metal, the Occupy Wall Street and (un)Occupy Burque movements, latex dildos, our second zine reading, Halloween, the eXiled, making money for next year, the American Legislative Exchange Counsel, a hack, the football team, the Buffalo BEAST, Anonymous, why you suck and Noam Chomsky. We even got a new face lift too.

Click here: IssueXpg1, IssueXpg2IssueXpg3IssueXpg4IssueXpg5.

Troll On!


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  1. Is Gawd dead? That’s what Albuquerque children were asking this week at the Diviinist’s Entrail Reading Convention. Sheep throughout New Mexico have been subjected to horrible abuse due to New Mexico youth and their explosive curiosity re. predicting new Mexico politics by reading sheep guts by candle light.

    Now the Republican Party is attempting to call a halt to what Governor Susana Martinez has termed, “Gross exploitation of the innocents of our fair state by liberal Democrats who are perverting our young people and distorting our sheep.” Martinez wants to cut off all public funding for sheep education in our state.

    “Over my dead body,” responded former Gov. Bill Richardson. “The sheep are just as important as the damn kids.” Richardson huffed in his Santa Fe office over enchiladas and Santa Fe ale. Next week the current and past governor have announced a nude wrestling match to settle the issue in Santa fe’s famous Bull Ring Bar near the Roundhouse. All the school children and sheep in the state have been invited to cheer on their favorite governor. And at long last we can answer the question, “Is Gawd dead?”


    It’s the end of the year and time to think about paying our taxes. Albuquerque’s Mayor Richard Berry and his city government cohorts are entering citizens’ homes this New Year to drive them out and over to Civic Plaza where they will be gathered for the First Annual New Mexico Taxpayer’s Roundup.
    State government buckaroos will drive the taxpayers up I-25 and La Bajada hill to the State Roundhouse where they will be personally inspected by Governor Susana Martinez.
    “We’ll let the fat ones go,” says Martinez, “And we’ll brand the middle class ones .The homeless and the ones too skinny to assess we’ll just eat ‘em,” The Governor’s Banquet will serve up those unable to pay into the state coffers in a grand celebration attended by all of New Mexico’s state legislators.
    Tourists will flock to New Mexico for the New Year to see the festive event and snap pictures all along the roundup route.
    “We look forward to witnessing this revival of an old tradition so reminiscent of the days when ranchers drove their cattle north along the old Santa Fe Trail,” says Arnold Finkwater, New York resident. “We flew all the way here to see this. It should be really something!”

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